Sunlight and heat inherently challenge and flexes your building’s structural integrity. Even if you’re living in an area with a mild climate, owners and developers should concentrate on the effect of heat flux and how it affects maintenance and energy bills. Because of that, we have come up with a list of the most efficient roofing options to consider that function well on both residential and commercial roofing. Before we proceed, what is heat flux? Heat flux refers to the rate of heat energy that’s allocated via a particular area per unit of time. The following roofing options below are some of the most effective and the greatest kinds of roofing system that helps in reducing heat influx. Check them out below: 

Radiant and overlays barriers 

One of the ways to help minimize the heat that enters your commercial building or home would involve mounting an overlay or a radiant barrier. Any of these innovations would aid to prevent the heat from coming in by replicating it away from your roof. 

Solar roofing 

Not like any other effective roofing options that help reflect the rays of the sun back to the atmosphere, this type of roofing can get this energy and actually preserves it to be used within homes. Though solar roofs could be costly, you can guarantee that it will be worth it over time since it can pay for the cost you’ve spent over the life of your solar roof. 

Green roofing 

Living or green roofs naturally helps in cooling the building. Aside from that, they also secure fundamental roofing items and discharge oxygen into the air all over the building. However, this kind of roofing’s weight is a great restricting factor since most original systems would need considerable support to be set up to endure the weight of water, plants, and soil. 

Terra cotta or clay tiles 

Both terra cotta and clay roof times can endure even the most severe and harshest weather like dowsing rains of El Nino and the brisk winds. Moreover, they reflect the rays of the sun, which minimizes the number of heat entering your house. 

White metal roofing 

This type of roofing is actually inexpensive and it can approximately reflect 66% of the rays of the sun away from your roof. Because of this, it’s the perfect roofing type to be applied in commercial roofings. 

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