How Do I Have Herpes Treatment?

Even if herpes cannot be cured yet, there are a lot of ways to manage the infection and treat the symptom. Herpes medicine helps to stop them from recurring as frequently or helps to remove outbreaks sooner. Your health provider will let you know about the greatest treatment options depending on your case. If you are currently experiencing an outbreak, your doctor can provide you medicine to assist in healing your cold sore on lip or in any parts of your body rapidly.  

Moreover, you can do something to relieve the pain such as: 

Taking a pain reliever meds such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin 

Putting ice packs on your cold sores 

Wearing loose and soft clothes 

Keeping your genital area dry since a hint of moisture can just cause your sores to last longer 

Taking a warm bath 

How can I stop herpes infection? 

If you’re experiencing plenty of herpes outbreaks, your doctor might let you consume meds daily. This procedure is known as suppressive therapy. It can aid to stop future outbreaks of herpes, and minimize your chances of transmitting your condition to your partner. 

Regardless if you choose to take or not take meds in treating herpes, it’s still important to take care of yourself. You can do this by getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and preventing stress. This can possibly aid in preventing outbreaks to pop up in the future. 

Nobody still can determine what really can activate outbreaks of genital herpes. Some reasons for outbreaks could be due to stress, skin irritations, your period, sex, surgery, and infections. Injuries to your lips, sunburns, and some infections could lead your oral herpes to flare up. Hence, if you have oral herpes, it would be best if you prevent getting sunburned and exposing yourself too long under the sun.  

Genital herpes outbreak commonly takes place less frequently and becomes weaker and shorter after some years—regardless if you get treated or not.  

What will happen if you do not treat your herpes? 

When it comes to herpes, it provides good news to you since it’s not really that dangerous and it isn’t deadly. Even if it may be irritating, herpes does not become worse eventually or could lead to chronic health issues in comparison to other STDs. 

If you choose not to be treated for herpes, they can possibly occur rarely or you can possibly get regular outbreaks.  Other individuals with herpes naturally stop having outbreaks after some time.  

There are some reasons why people might think about not getting treatment. Perhaps the outbreaks do not actually bother them or they don’t have excessive outbreaks as of now.  Or perhaps they are not engaging in sexual activities that’s why they aren’t worried about getting herpes today. At the end of the day, your own choice will matter whether you want to get treatment or not. But if you want to have sex while having herpes, make sure to secure yourself and use a condom to protect your partner as well.