A lot of homeowners are now building swimming pools on their properties. Though pools are the best during birthday parties and hot summer days, they can also provide a few unsolicited problems. It’s vital to learn the different types of typical pool problems, which all pool owners get. Once you know the things to pay attention to and ways to properly maintain your pool, you will get a clean and fresh swimming pool, which you can make use of to enjoy all throughout the year. Below is a list of the most common pool problems you need to know and how to overcome them: 

Poor circulation 

Though this could be due to clogged pool filters, it can also develop some other problems that you must be aware of. Once you observe that your pool is not properly circulating but the filter looks clear, there is a possibility that you either have a blown fuse or some electrical issues. One of the reasons for poor circulation could be because of an airline hole. Once you have a leaking pool airline, your pool won’t be able to circulate. To repair electrical damage or airline that stops proper pool circulation, immediately look for a reliable pool company to help you out. 

The pool filter is clogged 

Your swimming pool circulates water. If your pool filter is clogged, that circulation could be interrupted. Things such as bugs, leaves, dirt, and more can make your pool ineffective due to a clogged pool filter. Once you’ve seen that your pool has particularly more dirt than usual, take a look at your pool filter. If you see that it’s clogged, you just have to remove the dirt from the filter and clean your pool. If you want to stop filter clogs from happening, attempt to regularly clean your pool and remove the debris. 

Excessive chlorine 

Chlorine is best to keep algae from your swimming pool. However, too much chlorine could be similarly problematic as algae. Once you find it hard to see underwater or you get extreme eye irritation, chances are your pool has too much chlorine. The greatest means of determining how much chlorine your pool has is to measure it and guarantee that those levels will be consistent always. 

Development of Algae 

A healthy pool must have a blue or clear color. However, other pools appear green, musky, and totally unswimmable. If your pool’s color is green, it could be because it is filled with harmful algae, which is the most typical pool situation that is faced by a lot of homeowners. 

Usually, algae infest in pools that have an extremely low level of chlorine. Once your pool starts to appear green, now would be the best time to hire a professional pool service Roseville provider to remove the algae for you. Then, you need to increase the number of chlorine in your pool for you to stop algae from infesting your pool in the future.