What is a Rope light ceiling?

Beautiful photos rope light ceiling have been added to the page, which you can place in your bedroom or nursery. RJesseLighting.com offers different lighting options for your commercial premises or residential building.

A Rope light ceiling is kind of a lamp mainly used for decorative lighting and fixing, it features small bulbs mostly the light one linked together or connected in series and encased in a PVC jacket in order to come up with a string of light. Rope light ceiling therefore refers to the use of small light bulbs linked together and encased in a PVC jacket for decorative lighting and fixing.

The rope light ceiling has a lot of benefits which includes;

  • Rope lights are efficient . They use less power per Linear foot.
  • They have a long lamp life.
  • Rope lights are particularly safe and has low heat output.
  • Its ECO-friendly.
  • Its available in multiple colors therefore giving the Buyers Multiple Choices.

Rope light ceiling are used in the following areas

  • Rope lights are used for decoration both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is also used in Businesses for advertisements due to its attractiveness and ambience that it creates.
  • In homes, it can be used for lighting Gardens and Pathways.
  • Rope lights are very important in the entertainment industry for different entertainment applications.

rope light ceiling photo - 1
rope light ceiling photo - 2
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rope light ceiling photo - 10



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